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This reusable closed system helps size adipose tissue so that it is injectable with 27g and 30g needles. Germany Medical’s Nano Transfer – taking fat transfer to the smallest level. The Zermany Medical Emulsifier standardizes the texture of harvested adipose tissue for easy and smooth subdermal and intradermal

• 1 each Reusable NanoTransfer
• 10 each Sterile NanoTransfer Cartridges
• 1 each Anaerobic Transfer 1.2mm
• 1 each Anaerobic Transfer 1.4mm
• 1 each Anaerobic Transfer 2.4mm
• 5 each caps
• 1 each Anaerobic Transfer luer to luer
• 1 each Emulsifier Decant Stand 3 hole – Luer to Luer
• 1 each Emulsifier Anaerobic Transfer 3 Hole – Luer to Luer
• 1 each Autoclave Trays


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