Luc Ethmoid Forcep Summary

The Luc Ethmoid Forceps, which are used in nasal sinus procedures to remove sinus mucosa or fragments of bone.
They have a screw joint and fenestrated elongated blades that  allow deep manipulations. The sharp jaws can grasp tissues properly and provide a clean and easy cut. Hence, they are suitable for biopsy of various soft tissues and delicate bone.

The forceps also feature a short arm and a long arm to facilitate a better grip. The angle between the handles and the blades is added so that the hand of the operator does not obstruct the line of sight to the forceps jaws.
Luc Forceps are used for spur removal in septoplasty, cartilage removal in submucous resection, polypectomy, the Caldwell-Luc operation, edge biopsy from the oropharynx and turbinectomy procedures.
They are available with a length of 20 cm and two profiles.

Select Profile

Profile # 1 – 8.8 mm, Profile # 1 – 11.2 mm, Profile # 2 – 5.2 mm, Profile # 1 – 6.0 mm


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