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The Jeroen Stevens Sets are designed for “Organic Surgery,” which is the use of autologous living fat cells (and their precursors).

In the kit:
• 1 each Tumescent Infiltrator Luer Lock 2.1mm x 24cm
• 1 each Portless V-Dissector 1.6mm x 9cm
• 1 each Sorensen Harvester SuperLuerLok 2.4mm x 22cm
• 1 each Curved Tulip Injector SuperLuerLok 1.4mm x 10cm
• 1 each Micro Injector SuperLuerLok 0.9mm x 5cm
• 1 each Emulsifier 3x holes Luer to Luer 1.4mm
• 1 each Autoclave Trays


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