Featuring Germany Medical’s side port blunt tip design that passes through soft tissue effortlessly, while maintaining the integrity of the vascular structure. A workhorse for small volume injection.

Select Cobra Cannual

Mini Power Handle Fixed, Power handle fixed, Super Luer Lock, Tommy Hub 60cc, Tommy Hub 60cc BD, Universal Super Lock or Luer Lock


0.7mmx4cm, 0.7mmx5cm, 0.9mmx4cm, 0.9mmx5cm, 1.0mmx10cm, 1.0mmx12cm, 1.0mmx5cm, 1.0mmx7cm, 1.0mmx8.5cm, 1.2mmx10cm, 1.2mmx12cm, 1.2mmx15cm, 1.2mmx7cm, 1.2mmx8.5cm, 1.2mmx9cm, 1.4mmx10cm, 1.4mmx12cm, 1.4mmx15cm, 1.4mmx20cm, 1.4mmx7cm, 1.4mmx8.5cm, 1.4mmx9cm, 1.6mm x 10cm, 1.6mm x 12cm, 1.6mm x 15cm, 1.8mm x 10cm, 1.8mm x 12cm, 1.8mm x 15cm, 1.8mm x 20cm, 2.1mm x 15cm, 2.1mm x 20cm


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