An innovative blunt design with one smaller round port size for precise delivery of microfat. This is especially useful in the periorbital region and the vermilion skin border of the lips.

Select Cobra Cannual

Mini Power Handle Fixed, Power handle fixed, Super Luer Lock, Tommy Hub 60cc, Tommy Hub 60cc BD, Universal Super Lock or Luer Lock


0.7mmx4cm, 0.7mmx5cm, 0.9mmx4cm, 0.9mmx5cm, 1.0mmx10cm, 1.0mmx12cm, 1.0mmx5cm, 1.0mmx7cm, 1.0mmx8.5cm, 1.2mmx10cm, 1.2mmx12cm, 1.2mmx15cm, 1.2mmx7cm, 1.2mmx8.5cm, 1.2mmx9cm, 1.4mmx10cm, 1.4mmx12cm, 1.4mmx15cm, 1.4mmx20cm, 1.4mmx7cm, 1.4mmx8.5cm, 1.4mmx9cm, 1.6mm x 10cm, 1.6mm x 12cm, 1.6mm x 15cm, 1.8mm x 10cm, 1.8mm x 12cm, 1.8mm x 15cm, 1.8mm x 20cm


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